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Dq wp|rp r p~y~p "Au~", rp s|{ p y {zry, stu {pwtz }}u~ urppu r ~uxpqrpu}z . Qp|wu~~z r wyry~} s|{u yt, ~p p~y~p yxrp~ utpry rp} t, |~z sp}~yy y t-r|ry.
Pu{p~p L{py: Pp~y~p "Au~" ~pty r {wu~yy wyry~ |u-r y y rtu}r. Htu r }wuu ~p|pty ruwy} rxt}, u~yu y y wyry~}y rytp}y, xtpy}y }yru~~ p}u t| rpus |~-u~~s tp.
T~u Pwyrp~yu: Npy ~}up pxy {}p. O p~tp~ ~}ur t |{r, {pwtz y~uu }|u~ |qr { tup|}, q r rrrp|y uq {p{ t}p. Rru}u~~u tqrp y u|p qp~r{p xtp ytup|~u |ry t| rpus tp.
B{~p K~: Qup~ "Au~" ys|ppu rp ~p {|y~p~u uuryu. Np u-rp sry yx{p~~u q|tp yx ruwy y {puru~~ t{r. Qup~ ~u |{ }u t| yu}p yy, ~ y }u, stu {pwtz yu} yy p~ry qyu}.
Qpx~qpxyu Qpxr|uu~yz: O p{yr~ rytr p t {z~ s|{ ytu ~p u pxr|uu~y t| ru. Apuz~, u~~y~u {, p p{wu sp~y-xrp~~u {{yy y }pu-{|p }s rp} ~p|~y rz t {y}y ru-p|u~y}y.
https://agroexpert.md/rus/announcements/573 - https://agroexpert.md/rus/announcements/573Rp y Tt: P|~z u|p{ wtu rp r ~pu} p-u~u. Puy~p|~u }pp-wy y t xp u|} }s rp} p|pqy y ~py ~usyuz.
Pys|ppu} ~p Hpst~z Ot r Pp~y~pu "Au~": Atu p ~puz twu|q~z u}y suz, stu {pwtz }}u~ p~ry p r}y~p-~yz. Pyuxwpzu y prpzu ~p}y, q y ru u|uy {}~s y }yru~~s tp r p~y~pu "Au~".

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~pyu }psy r }yu - xr @~su|y~p 89853905910

` t~yp| Mps} @~su|y~z, q pxuy ~u{u |w~u q|u} r }uz wyx~y. ` q| pwu~ uu uy~p|yx}} y u{yr~. O~p r~y}pu|~ r|p|p }y q|u} y ut|wy|p }~u t yp|r y qtr, {u }s|y }~u ut|u ury. Qux|p q|y xp}u~ wu uux ~u{|{ ~utu| |u ~pp|p pq ~uz. ` u~ q|pstpu~ Mps @~su|y~u xp uu } y u{}u~t uu ru}, { yu }y r q|py }psyy.

Mps @~su|y~p 89853905910 xr

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|u yrp }w u| yx t}p y u pxrt

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